Monday, December 27, 2004

Clicks, Kisses and aieeeeeeeee

On second thought, I've decided to not write about the heading I just typed. It just happens to be another one of those embarassing things that mysteriously happen a lot to the likes of me. Just something to feel humiliated about for a day and then forget about (like I have a choice).

"Aieeeeeeeeeeee" is practically what I said after looking giving a mock AIEEE test. Bloody difficult and absolutely no time to finish. And of course the questions I did finish were wrong, resulting in more negative marks than positive. Just another test to prove tham I'm a duphus. (I dont think that's a real word but it just seemed perfect to describe me at the moment.

If things couldn't be worse, well they are. I have been called a bitch a zillion times in the last two weeks, thats more than in my entire life, and that too by my best friends!! I know what I did might have seemed mean and bitchy, but there are reasons behind everything, and they were well aware of the reasons, and if they actually think about it, they'd know that I was right. The thing is, I knew that I would called a bitch at first, and I was okay with it. But there's a limit to everything. Afterall, they are my friends, and at the end of the day, I expect them to be on my side and support my decisions. And this most of them failed to do.

Anyway, pre-boards are on my head now, so I guess I'll take a break from blogging and write again later.

Hopefully in a better state.

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