Sunday, March 25, 2007

Have you ever....

Ok, so i really wanted to tag myself for this one...but didn't, cuz I was sure it would turn out damn boring with me saying "no" to most of the things. But then I'm vella, and I promised someone a post here goes!!

Smoked a cigarette?: No... Somehow, i find that equivalent to sticking my head up a the idea never appealed to me.

Crashed a friend's car?: Uh...this is embarassing...I still don't know how to drive!!
Stolen a car?: So I obviously cant steal a car....

Been in love?: Am in love.

Been dumped?: Sadly, yes, once.

Shoplifted?: Nope, I was a nice innocent little kid.

Been in a fist fight?: Yes, once....back in the second grade. typical fight between a guy and me - something about boys and girls, how girls can't fight - so i punched him. One of the best feelings in the world! What I hadn't counted on was him punching me back. One of the most embarassing feelings in the world.

Snuck out of your parent's house?: No.... it was always very properly locked.

Had feelings for someone who didn't have them back?: Yup.

Been arrested?: No!!

Gone on a blind date?: No... Came very close to it once, but backed out at the last minute. Thank God.

Skipped school?: If that means making an excuse and staying at home, then yes, loads of times!!! If it means leaving the house but never reaching school....then I said before, I was an innocent lil kid!

Been on a plane?: Yes... Quite a few times. I just love the feeling of take off.....

Seen someone die?: Yes.

Been to Canada?: Nope :(

Purposely set a part of yourself on fire?: I'm not crazy!! (No offence to Jayant) Though i did set the kitchen on fire once...BY MISTAKE (I swear I didn't do it on purpose!)

Been jet-skiing?: Sadly no...

Met someone in person from the Internet?: Nope

Taken pain killers?: Yup...but for pain. I did NOT take it in pepsi, unlike some of my friends.

Flown a kite?: yes...but I can never manage to get it up in the air... Once someone does that for me, then i can fly it....which means i can stand there holding the string.

Built a sand castle?: No... :(

Gone puddle jumping?: Yes!! Used to love doing it...much to my mums irritation...since she's the one who had to wash my clothes n dry out my shoes....uh...i still do it....

Cheated while playing a game?: Yes... and still lost. Bah!

Been lonely?: Yes...very. And thats the one thing that scares me. I really admire those people who are just so comfortable being all by themselves.....

Fallen asleep at work or school/college?: Both in school and college.... Some teachers' monotonous voices actually have very soothing dreams ever.

Used a fake ID?: Nope....never went to a place that needed an ID....ya....i know....sad.

Felt an earthquake?: Living in delhi, i think thats inevitable. Though I do get freaked out quite easily now...everytime the window of my room rattles...usually due to an airplane....which passes over my house, like, every 5 minutes. (Disadvantage of staying next to the airport)

Touched a snake?: No... reptiles freak me out.... Though I did touch a fish's eye a fish market....felt eeewwwey.....But I guess that doesn't really count for this question does it??

Slept beneath the stars?: Yes, loads of times!! Everytime there wasn't any electricity at night, we used to sleep on the terrace....It feels amazing. But then the thoughts of a certain Monkeyman scared me out of my wits, and haven't slept on the terrace since. Yes, I get scared VERY easily.

Been robbed?: Nope, thankfully.

Been misunderstood?: ALL the time. Even when I'm not sarcastic, and am actually saying something nice, people just don't believe me. Hmph!!

Won a contest?: Yes, on FM once.... Had to call them and tell them the name of Tintin's dog....and i got free movie tickets as well as loads of candies.....quite cool!

Run a red light/stop sign?: No. Do you havta rub it in???

Been suspended from school?: Nope. Sweet innocent lil kid.

Been in a car accident?: Nope.

Eaten a whole pint of ice cream in one night?: Yes!!! At a wedding.... had a bet with my cousin about who could eat more icecream.... I won!!!!!!! (No snacks, drinks, or dinner that night)

Walked the streets drunk?: question please.

Had déjà vu?: Every few days.

Danced in the moonlight?: Yes. Having a terrace can make you do weird things. Actually loads of fun. Another activity thwarted by the fear of Monkeyman.

Witnessed a crime?: Nope.

Been obsessed with post-it notes?: I'd rather not answer that question. I am rather obsessed with all sorts of stationery.

Squished barefoot through the mud?: Yes. Dramsoc workshop. I did NOT like it.

Been lost?: Nope. Sensible, innocent lil kid.

Been on the opposite side of the country?: Only as far as Bangalore.

Swum in the ocean?: Yup!!!! Though couldn't swim much cuz of the waves....

Cried yourself to sleep?: Yes.

Played cops and robbers?: Weirdly....considering I've always hung out with

Recently coloured with crayons?: Yup!! Sometimes I show my hidden artistic talents!! :)

Sung karaoke?: Only when the lyrics were displayed on TV.

Paid for a meal with only coins?: Yes!!! And this is a must....the dirty look the waiter gives you is really worth carrying all that heavy change!!

Done something you told yourself you wouldn't?: All the time. Not too much of will power.

Made prank phone calls?: Sooooooooooooo many!!!

Caught a snow flake on your tongue?: Have never been anywhere near snow....let alone lick it.

Written a letter to Santa Claus?: Yes!! And then put it on Mums bed. I wasn't dumb. I knew how to get my presents.

Blown bubbles?: One of my favourite hobbies!!

Bonfire on the beach?: Nope.... but bonfire in the!!!!

Cheated on a test?: Yes...once.....and i flunked that test. Have never cheated since then.

Gone skinny-dipping in a pool?: a tub with my cousins, yes...but not in a pool.


Dhruv said...

I wish you do walk the streets drunk once, it feels quite good!

Have you ever commented on this blog before ? ...yup!

Have you said something good about it ?..yes always!!!

Will you say something good now ?...enjoying it like hell!


Richa Bhardwaj said...

Okay! This tag is still alive and I am so proud of myself for discovering such a time-waste. :P

So first (I know it's second) I should say well done for keeping the promise! And don't worry, your answers aren't that boring. Ok ok...not boring at all. We've all understood that you were an intelligent, clever yet innocent lil kid. And still are a fearful, honest girl!

I'm curious about the teachers who put you to sleep. For me it was none other than Joga goej up Singh! :D

And hey, have you walked the streets drunk? :P

Amiya said...

Haha, love the post! And as usually happens with most of your posts, was smiling/laughing throughout.

Oh you should've added an 'ever had a catfight?' question, we could've had glimpses into that one catfight you were involved in... in your hostel :D

Uhh Dhruv, I'm sure she doesn't need any advice to walk the streets drunk... do you, Shreya!!

Wouldn't have thought that you're quite an easy person to frighten... hmm.

And no cops and robbers!! Unbelievable, you better rectify that asap. Chuck Macro, start hunting out kids around your place and join in. A much more enjoyable activity, I promise you.

Jayant said...

Hey, you really did it! Yay! :D

Firstly, no, it was NOT boring.

You don't know how to drive?! :O (Amiya, keep your mouth shut! I know how to drive! :X)

The guy punched you back?! Lmao!! :D

You almost went out on a blind date?! Boy, you sure are coming out with a bunch of shockers!

Yes yes, no offence taken. Hey, but singeing a few strands of hair is definitely better than setting the whole kitchen on fire. The only thing that I ever set on fire, other than myself, was a chair. But, not really on purpose... obviously!

Why in heaven's name did you ever have to touch a fish's eye? :O

Hey, you didn't like squishing barefoot through mud? It's so much fun!(Not when it happens unintentionally, though. Then it's just gross and messy!)

And yes, as Amiya said, go out, catch some of the kids in your locality and play cops and robbers with them. It's about time!

Jayant said...

Oh, and get a shoutbox please.

shreya said...

@ Dhruv - Well...I'm anti alcohol...u know tht rite??? {Innocent saintly expression}
N thanx for promoting my blog...felt really good!!!

@Richa - Oh, I didnt know u were the one behind this extreeeeeeeemely long post!!! oh, i think ive mastered the art of sleeping in ne teachers class...joga yes....n well...sumtimes in avinash jhas class as well....i know u guys like him.....but still...
And, I'm going to skip your last question...

@ Amiya - Oh, i wasn't involved in the catfight...i was just one of the delighted spectators!! N yes....i shall try n find some kids who dont think im crazy to wanna play cops n robbers now!!

@ Jayant - Yes, i did...inspred by you!! :)
You set a chair on fire?!?!?! that is AS bas as setting the kitchen on fire!!! atleast the kitchen thing is explainable...but chair....!!??
Well...i was in a fish mkt...n i was an extremely curious kid...kept wondering wht it wud feel like....regretted it a moment later...
And squishing thru mud isnt nice when ur exhausted n trying to run 3 rounds of the field....bloody military camp!!

shreya said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
shreya said...

i was *inspired by u... n The chair thing is as *bad as the kitchen thing...
man im sleepy.

Jayant said...

Well, in my defence, I was just burning paper and didn't realise that just blowing out the flames wouldn't suffice (and who thinks of the embers anyway). Well, in a hurry I just blew out the flame and chucked the piece of paper under a cupboard. Little did I know then(I was just 5) that packing material(we were shifting homes and all the furniture had been packed) catches fire faster than dry grass! The rest is history.

At least I didn't go around touching body parts of animal carcasses. Hmph!

And yes, it's quite evident how sleepy you were.

Ok, and have you had any luck with those blogthings tests so far?

shreya said...

uv been playing with fire sunce u were five?!?! ohhhkkk.... maybe u shud try the fire n deo trick...write your initials on the wall with the deo n quickly light it....your initials in blue flame!!!

ok...ok....i dont have ne logical defence for the fish thingie...

n no...i have the old blogger version...n i cant understand how to add things to tht...will figure it out after the exams now...n very truthfully, i think il stay away from blogthings....bloody addictive site...n i doubt if others wud really care to read THAT much about me!

Tarun said...

This was so funny. I wanna comment on every single item.

You were a boring little innocent kid but then so were a lot of us. Who cares you are an interesting adult and that's what counts.

But Monkeyman, seriously? It's been so many years. You really need to get over that.

shreya said...

U know...some things really tend to scar u for life....heeheee..... yes, i shall try n get over the monkeyman bit... :)