Saturday, March 17, 2007

Should I?

I shouldn’t mimic people, simply because my friends are better actors than me.
I shouldn’t sing, because my voice isn’t as good as theirs.
I shouldn’t voice my opinions, for I simply can’t match the intellect of others.
I shouldn’t read Jeffrey Archers, they’re just too kiddish for my age.
I shouldn’t dance, probably because you don’t think I can dance.
I shouldn’t act weird, reason….who wants to be weird?
I shouldn’t hang out with him…who wants to be seen with someone weird?
I shouldn’t go wild….who wants to be called a slut?
I shouldn’t wear skirts…. My legs aren’t good enough for it.
Why shouldn’t I do any of these things?
Things that I love?
Because all that matters is your image, she says.
Image my dear friend?
I look into the mirror and it’s blank.


Dhruv said...

I can't write my blog,because there are awesome bloggers like Shreya around.
I can't stop myself from being online ,because computers exist.
I can't describe how much I love this blog,just because I can't write well.

Point taken I hope ?

PS. Try selective deafness!

Jayant said...

You know, I always feel like commenting on your posts, but somehow, I never seem to find the right thing to say. Your posts leave little to be said. They're usually so complete (can't think of another word). Even here, you've cleared your dilemma yourself.
And what am I left with?... Nice post.

sahil said...

hmmmm...well all i cn say to that is....i find ya really really sexy in a skirt...and not flirting with you... :-)

Amiya said...

Exactly what Jayant said.

Richa Bhardwaj said...

Really, exactly what Jayant said!

But I have to tell you that I've identified with the stuff that you've written several times. Be it some of your articles in Candid or your blog posts....too many of them!

Nice post, of course. :-)

shreya said...

Dhruv - Point taken. n no, i prefer to hear these ppl rather than be deaf selectively..... instead...i write blogs bout them!! ;)

Jayant and Amiya - Thanx!!

Sahil - Thanx...uh...i think!

Richa - I identify with most of your posts!! (if u havent figured tht out already with my sudden burst of comments!!)

abhi said...

amazing post..
agree fully with richa..