Thursday, October 19, 2006


What's the Point of being nice to people?

They just take advantage of it and screw you all over again.

Damn it.


Amiya said...

Hmm. Be selectively nice?

shreya said...

Point taken and applied. Some ppl r crying.

Becoming a Stranger to Myself said...

I agree with Amiya. You need to recognise the right kind of people to be nice to. Chances of them screwing you would be lower.

Amiya said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Amiya said...

But the ones who are crying were the ones who would've screwed you over, right (which is why I presume you chose to be not-nice to them)?
No loss I'd say.

Amiya said...

That deleted comment's mine, btw, in case you were wondering. Made a typo and couldn't bear it, so.

arsh said...

update anyone?

shreya said...

nice typo by the way!! :)
hmmm...shudnt have been nice to those ppl in the first place!!! oh well, but it does feel good to be nice to ppl who deserve it....
n sorry arse, ive just been busy!!!

Amiya said...

Yeah that typo was a pretty one!

SG said...

could you please tell me what the meaning of your blog title-"curse of gab" is :-)???

shreya said...

oh... ppl r supposed to have the "gift of gab".... just tht in my case i talk soooo much that one of my friends pointed out tht i have the "curse of gab"

arsh said...

gobble gobble went the blog,
stuck in a grimy sticky green fog,
jaja is the name of my jamaican twin,
i thought i was juicy but you win.

wobble wobble went the blog.
bouncing into an intergalactic smog,
i am chinese and so are you.
together we create chiken stew.

topple topple fell the blog,
into a wet tongue filled snog,
she is love an you art tart.
the wondrous aroma of an obscene wet fart.

chimpu!chimpu! update the blog,
or itll runaway like a finnicky frog,
i am green see my wart covered ooze
i am the reptilian life form in my botle of snooze.

all i wanted was colourful booze.


Abhishek said...

hi i totally agree with u !!!! KINDNESS IS THE WEAKEST STRENTH !!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Disagree.. You always come out the bigger person that way..