Thursday, April 28, 2011

Why. Grow. Up.

Because you’re no longer a kid.
Because popping bubble gum is no longer cool.
Because popularity is not the final goal.
Because the length of your school skirt is no longer a concern.
Because jumping in puddles ruins formal clothes.
Because you now have to wash said formal clothes.
Because stupidity is no longer cute.
Because dropping ice cream is plain clumsy.
Because you are what you eat.
Because red hair is no longer acceptable.
Because late nights are not followed by late mornings.
Because you can’t live in isolation.
Because you can’t ignore.
Because opinions matter.
Because judgements rule.
Because emotions need to be understood.
Because your ego is no longer a defence.
Because you want to protect.
Because you want to feel safe.
Because you care.
Because you believe.
Because you’ve messed enough with people.
Because you’ve messed enough with yourself.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Under the Stars

She lived, she lived

Life, controlled

Emotions, ignored

Weakness, hidden

Longing, forbidden

And she saw, she saw

Goals, achieved

Fame, received

Comfort, established

Happiness, believed

But she knew, she knew

Hope, denied

Love, deceived

Void, engorged

Numbness, concieved

Then he showed, he showed

Stars, so fierce

Wind, so meek

Feelings, tormented

Life, the way it should be

She felt, she felt

Perfection, untarnished

Protection, unrelenting

Care, undemanding

Love, unyielding

So she wished, she wished

Mirror, uncracked

Eyes, relaxed

Dream, held on

Never, to wake.