Sunday, April 10, 2011

Under the Stars

She lived, she lived

Life, controlled

Emotions, ignored

Weakness, hidden

Longing, forbidden

And she saw, she saw

Goals, achieved

Fame, received

Comfort, established

Happiness, believed

But she knew, she knew

Hope, denied

Love, deceived

Void, engorged

Numbness, concieved

Then he showed, he showed

Stars, so fierce

Wind, so meek

Feelings, tormented

Life, the way it should be

She felt, she felt

Perfection, untarnished

Protection, unrelenting

Care, undemanding

Love, unyielding

So she wished, she wished

Mirror, uncracked

Eyes, relaxed

Dream, held on

Never, to wake.


Anonymous said...

this is very nice! you must write more often!


Shreya said...

@ D - Thanks. I'm curious about you, you know.