Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Romanticising Life and So On

I spent the last two days sitting through a series of presentations telling me what my life will be like over the next year or so. Down to the details of my birthday gift. And the caller buttons on my office desk phone.
Process was the keyword.
I didn’t mind. It was nice to have some processes in place, after my last job. It was a nice change, and a nice lazy two days.

But you can’t however blame me for letting my eyes wander towards the window every once in a while. Specially if the window is situated in a nice lil place at Nariman Point, with a clear view of the sea.
Initially the vision was all blurry with mist, and didn’t really distract me. But as the sun started its slow, yet sickeningly steady ascent up the sky, the scenario completely transformed.
The scene that played out in front of my eyes was breathtaking, to say the least. The clear pale blue sky, punctuated every few seconds by a speck of fluttering wings, covered the expanse of the canvas, slowly descending, and skilfully tricking all gaping observers, as it seamlessly melted into tiny rippling disturbances at the foot of the perfect painting. The waves glittered in the sun, nature’s most marvellous diamonds, dancing and displaying themselves for all to envy. And in their vanity, they slid towards land, which hungrily and powerfully, stopped their march and put an end to that beautiful yet meaningless life.

And then I let my gaze fall a little more towards home ground.
Poolside view of the Five Star Hotel next door.
A rather well maintained human form basking in the sun. The angry rays of the sun beat down on his skin, damaging, yet bringing out nature’s beauty in all its glory. With every ripple of a muscle, a bead of sweat trickled its way down perfection, glittering like an oasis in the sun’s glare. And then he stretched.  And in the perfect, most fluid and beautiful motion, dived into the pool, disturbing peace and turmoil at once.

As he disappeared under the water, my eyes fell on the floor of the hotel below the pool.
It was beauty one always dreams of. Beauty you want to touch, feel, possess, and be. In its own unique way, such beauty makes life worth it, makes this world a better  place to live in, and takes away all troubles.  In its own unique way.
Versace, Jimmy Choo, Louis Vuitton….
Man Made Perfection.


Labyrinth Complexes said...

Uhum :) I wish my office was at nariman point.

Shreya said...

Would be rather cool, wontit? :)