Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bathroom Diaries

They do follow me around for some weird reason. 

Recap 1.
When I was a kid, like second grade age kid, my biggest complaint in life was always the fact that I had to share a room with my sister, and didn’t get to live in my room, all alone. I couldn’t understand how I was supposed to be all grown up if I was just never given any privacy to be by myself with my own grown up ventures and thoughts in life.
This might be a good time to mention that I lived in a duplex, with nice sized bathrooms. One, specially, had been converted into a laundry room, leaving ample space for storage in the actual bathing area.
I picked up all my stuffed toys, Barbies, writing paper, and drawing pads, and dragging a chair across the hall, claimed my territory.
My new room.
The bathing area of the bathroom.
Where I was on my own, all grown up, with just my toys for company.
Of course, then the temperature soared, a few lizards moved in, and I ran shrieking out.

Recap 2.
Not in such a distant past, I went to see my sister’s new flat in Delhi. A nice pretty place, my sister oohed and aahed at the modular kitchen. And then we saw the bathroom.
That shower cabinet.
Built in Jacuzzi, massage point nozzles, a phone connection and…wait for it….radio and USB port…inside that damned cabinet!
And I sighed, “I could live in this thing!”

Fast Forward to current time.
I just moved in with some college friends, and have a petite (large by Mumbai standards) room, albeit with a slightly weird shape. I moved in, unpacked, uncluttered, and finally fell dead on the bed.
Then I noticed the tiles on the wall. White with a blue floral print.
Hmm…very bathroomy….dontcha think?
I wondered if I was over reacting at the clearly poor interior decorating taste of the landlord.
And then I closed the door. Behind which, was a series of hooks to hang clothes on. And that unmistakeable steel rod crowning it all, looking down at me with its evil glow.
The towel stand.

P.S. Now for the record, I would like to state that I love this house, and am damn thankful for it and the room. Also, I haven’t  experienced any weird water spouts and faucets in the dark corners of the room.


Anonymous said...

Bathrooms are spaces with wondrous auras. A place of the spirit. Tread carefully.

Arsh Sharma said...

That was me-Arsh

Amiya said...

Hahaha she lives in a bathroom! *points and laughs*

Atrisa said...

LOL she's cute :D

Shreya said...

@ Arse - Yes Sir!!
@ Amiya - Laugh, you lucky delhi &^%$%!!!
@ Archie - :D

Shreya said...
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Shreya said...
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