Sunday, March 25, 2007

Have you ever....

Ok, so i really wanted to tag myself for this one...but didn't, cuz I was sure it would turn out damn boring with me saying "no" to most of the things. But then I'm vella, and I promised someone a post here goes!!

Smoked a cigarette?: No... Somehow, i find that equivalent to sticking my head up a the idea never appealed to me.

Crashed a friend's car?: Uh...this is embarassing...I still don't know how to drive!!
Stolen a car?: So I obviously cant steal a car....

Been in love?: Am in love.

Been dumped?: Sadly, yes, once.

Shoplifted?: Nope, I was a nice innocent little kid.

Been in a fist fight?: Yes, once....back in the second grade. typical fight between a guy and me - something about boys and girls, how girls can't fight - so i punched him. One of the best feelings in the world! What I hadn't counted on was him punching me back. One of the most embarassing feelings in the world.

Snuck out of your parent's house?: No.... it was always very properly locked.

Had feelings for someone who didn't have them back?: Yup.

Been arrested?: No!!

Gone on a blind date?: No... Came very close to it once, but backed out at the last minute. Thank God.

Skipped school?: If that means making an excuse and staying at home, then yes, loads of times!!! If it means leaving the house but never reaching school....then I said before, I was an innocent lil kid!

Been on a plane?: Yes... Quite a few times. I just love the feeling of take off.....

Seen someone die?: Yes.

Been to Canada?: Nope :(

Purposely set a part of yourself on fire?: I'm not crazy!! (No offence to Jayant) Though i did set the kitchen on fire once...BY MISTAKE (I swear I didn't do it on purpose!)

Been jet-skiing?: Sadly no...

Met someone in person from the Internet?: Nope

Taken pain killers?: Yup...but for pain. I did NOT take it in pepsi, unlike some of my friends.

Flown a kite?: yes...but I can never manage to get it up in the air... Once someone does that for me, then i can fly it....which means i can stand there holding the string.

Built a sand castle?: No... :(

Gone puddle jumping?: Yes!! Used to love doing it...much to my mums irritation...since she's the one who had to wash my clothes n dry out my shoes....uh...i still do it....

Cheated while playing a game?: Yes... and still lost. Bah!

Been lonely?: Yes...very. And thats the one thing that scares me. I really admire those people who are just so comfortable being all by themselves.....

Fallen asleep at work or school/college?: Both in school and college.... Some teachers' monotonous voices actually have very soothing dreams ever.

Used a fake ID?: Nope....never went to a place that needed an ID....ya....i know....sad.

Felt an earthquake?: Living in delhi, i think thats inevitable. Though I do get freaked out quite easily now...everytime the window of my room rattles...usually due to an airplane....which passes over my house, like, every 5 minutes. (Disadvantage of staying next to the airport)

Touched a snake?: No... reptiles freak me out.... Though I did touch a fish's eye a fish market....felt eeewwwey.....But I guess that doesn't really count for this question does it??

Slept beneath the stars?: Yes, loads of times!! Everytime there wasn't any electricity at night, we used to sleep on the terrace....It feels amazing. But then the thoughts of a certain Monkeyman scared me out of my wits, and haven't slept on the terrace since. Yes, I get scared VERY easily.

Been robbed?: Nope, thankfully.

Been misunderstood?: ALL the time. Even when I'm not sarcastic, and am actually saying something nice, people just don't believe me. Hmph!!

Won a contest?: Yes, on FM once.... Had to call them and tell them the name of Tintin's dog....and i got free movie tickets as well as loads of candies.....quite cool!

Run a red light/stop sign?: No. Do you havta rub it in???

Been suspended from school?: Nope. Sweet innocent lil kid.

Been in a car accident?: Nope.

Eaten a whole pint of ice cream in one night?: Yes!!! At a wedding.... had a bet with my cousin about who could eat more icecream.... I won!!!!!!! (No snacks, drinks, or dinner that night)

Walked the streets drunk?: question please.

Had déjà vu?: Every few days.

Danced in the moonlight?: Yes. Having a terrace can make you do weird things. Actually loads of fun. Another activity thwarted by the fear of Monkeyman.

Witnessed a crime?: Nope.

Been obsessed with post-it notes?: I'd rather not answer that question. I am rather obsessed with all sorts of stationery.

Squished barefoot through the mud?: Yes. Dramsoc workshop. I did NOT like it.

Been lost?: Nope. Sensible, innocent lil kid.

Been on the opposite side of the country?: Only as far as Bangalore.

Swum in the ocean?: Yup!!!! Though couldn't swim much cuz of the waves....

Cried yourself to sleep?: Yes.

Played cops and robbers?: Weirdly....considering I've always hung out with

Recently coloured with crayons?: Yup!! Sometimes I show my hidden artistic talents!! :)

Sung karaoke?: Only when the lyrics were displayed on TV.

Paid for a meal with only coins?: Yes!!! And this is a must....the dirty look the waiter gives you is really worth carrying all that heavy change!!

Done something you told yourself you wouldn't?: All the time. Not too much of will power.

Made prank phone calls?: Sooooooooooooo many!!!

Caught a snow flake on your tongue?: Have never been anywhere near snow....let alone lick it.

Written a letter to Santa Claus?: Yes!! And then put it on Mums bed. I wasn't dumb. I knew how to get my presents.

Blown bubbles?: One of my favourite hobbies!!

Bonfire on the beach?: Nope.... but bonfire in the!!!!

Cheated on a test?: Yes...once.....and i flunked that test. Have never cheated since then.

Gone skinny-dipping in a pool?: a tub with my cousins, yes...but not in a pool.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Lessons Learnt

Tired of traveling for almost two hours in the extremely crowded Dwarka metro, I finally shifted to a hostel in North Campus. Now the first question that most of my old friends asked me was, “Is it a co-ed hostel?”
“Obviously not!!”
Shocked looks…doubtful faces….Are-you-crazy-you-wont-last-a-day expressions.
Ya…thanks for the huge amount of support guys.
First weekend home after a week in my hostel, Dad asks, “Have you fought with any of your room-mates yet?”
Man….nobody could believe that I could actually survive in a girls' hostel. You should’ve heard the number of warnings my dear old sis gave me before shifting, requesting, nay, telling me till the last minute that I was making a huge mistake.
And so, among all the friendly advice and goodwill, I finally shifted into a hostel in November.
And of course, I’m still there, and I barely have any complaints.

Now having been in such close contact with girls, for, pretty much the first time in my life, I actually learnt a lot of things, some things which I knew and were confirmed, and some that I had never thought possible. So here it is, my list of lessons from a girls’ hostel:

It’s confirmed, girls are the screechiest and noisiest creatures on the planet.

Contrary to popular belief, girls can be extremely dirty (I’m talking weeks of pending laundry, which stays pending until the almirah starts stinking. I actually know a girl who lends out her clothes to other girls quite happily, in the hope they’ll wash it and give it back).

When a girl says she’ll take just two minutes, she really means at least fifteen (This gets doubled if she said it for the amount of time she’s gonna take in the bathroom. I have never reached college on time if my roomie got to the bathroom before me).

All those chick flicks (Never been kissed, Mean girls, She’s all that etc.) do not exaggerate anything, some girls are just pure bitches and need to be smacked.

Nine out of every ten girls have a boyfriend who apparently has unlimited balance on his cell, so they can talk all day and night. Now the ratio for guys is something like four out of every ten have a girlfriend. Quite interesting, considering that the Indian Planning Commission is worried about an adverse sex ratio… Maybe the census isn’t accurate enough.

Boyfriends are THE highest priority. Nothing else matters. Period.

Girls tend to go a tad bit crazy (read: extremely asylum suited insane) around Valentines Day. They actually make groups, exchange ideas about heart shaped balloons, heart shaped cakes, heart shaped photo frames…you get my drift…. If boyfriends actually got together and compared their gifts….well they might just be almost identical.

Cat-fights do take place in hostels. I was fortunate enough to witness one on my first day in the hostel. It consists of slapping, pulling hair, shouting, screaming, abusing… all the abuses in the world won’t really make a difference, but never, NEVER call a girl a BEHENJI…. THAT’S what makes the fight really serious!!

A MAJOR advantage of staying in a hostel: your wardrobe gets extended to ten times its usual size….sharing is one of the simplest things our parents taught us.

Girls are also capable of doing crazy stuff, be it dancing on the terrace, or writing their names with fire and deo on the walls. (That actually comes quite close to my brother burning lizards in his hostel using the same apparatus, we’re just not that gross)

Girls are sweet enough to clean your puke when you’re drunk, and stupid enough to pour water on your head to make you stop puking.

Bitching IS fun.

Being bitched about isn’t.

Living with girls for so many hours does tend to turn one, well, into quite a bit of a girl.

At the end of the day, when you’re low, when your boyfriend acts like an ass, and when you feel like crying….. I guess…. Girls are a LOT better than guys to make you feel better.

Don’t misunderstand me. I still prefer guys to girls any day. And I resent being called girly, which is what my friends have started calling me recently. But my patience and tolerance level with girls has certainly increased. They’re not THAT bad after all!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Should I?

I shouldn’t mimic people, simply because my friends are better actors than me.
I shouldn’t sing, because my voice isn’t as good as theirs.
I shouldn’t voice my opinions, for I simply can’t match the intellect of others.
I shouldn’t read Jeffrey Archers, they’re just too kiddish for my age.
I shouldn’t dance, probably because you don’t think I can dance.
I shouldn’t act weird, reason….who wants to be weird?
I shouldn’t hang out with him…who wants to be seen with someone weird?
I shouldn’t go wild….who wants to be called a slut?
I shouldn’t wear skirts…. My legs aren’t good enough for it.
Why shouldn’t I do any of these things?
Things that I love?
Because all that matters is your image, she says.
Image my dear friend?
I look into the mirror and it’s blank.