Saturday, March 29, 2008

Master of the Puppets

The little puppet danced around, swaying to the music
The Master said “Jump!”, and he did
Letting the strings guide his life
And when night fell, he slept in peace
In the arms of his Master
Yet, as the sun shone down that fateful day
He finally awoke….
He saw the evil controlling him
And resented it from that day on
He still jumped, but with only half his heart
He still sang and laughed and cried
But every night he lay awake
Entangled by the very strings of his life
“Why should I jump?” he asked himself
“Why should I sing and laugh and cry?
Simply because the Master says so?
Well, he’s no Master of mine.”
So that night as the Master slept
Cradling the little puppet close to himself
The puppet arose and stabbed the beast
He cut the art and flung it neat
With a roar of triumph he looked around
The final feat; to tear himself free
Yet, the exhilaration was soon replaced by despair
The strings that bound him were to be found nowhere
He searched all over, high and low
Finally saw what he’d known long ago
In a musty corner, it lay battered and marred
The strings, now severed, reaching out from the heart.