Saturday, November 25, 2006

Total Control

As I walked in, my eyes met his, and he smiled. It wasn’t the sweet smile that one gives to their friends, but a mocking, almost evil one. The same smile he had given me the last time I was with him. He knew I’d be back. Despite all my fears and hesitation, he knew I’d come back to him again.
I looked around the room with apprehension. Tables covered with instruments of all shapes and sizes took up one side of the room. The photographs on the wall took my attention as always. People posing in different styles, some of which were actually painful to the eye. And yet I had chosen to come here again, and be in the same position as one of the girls in the photographs. I tried to dissuade myself, but I couldn’t stop thinking about my last time with him. I had been scared then too, but in the end, it had all been worth it.
He pointed to the chair in the middle of the room, and I silently walked towards it. Sinking into it, I looked up at him and tried to relax. I trusted him a lot. He knew more about me than I cared to admit. He knew about my likes, my needs, my limits. And once in this room, he was in control of everything for the next hour. Yes, I trusted him a lot.
Silently, he approached the chair and picking up a silky cloth, tied it around me, not tight enough to hold me, but enough to let me know who was in charge.
He ran his fingers through my hair gently and asked, “So, what can I do for you this time?”
I sighed, and smiled up at him.
He looked at me with one eyebrow raised, as if he hadn’t understood. But I knew he had, he always did. He just wanted me to say it again.
“I want the same hairstyle that Courtney Cox has. Can you manage it?” I asked. I knew I sounded scared, just like I always did before going in for a haircut.
He just smiled at my nervousness and picking up a pair of shiny scissors, went to work, whistling as he chopped off chunks of my precious hair.


Anonymous said...

hey..nice post!! it in candid..liked it a lot!! :)

dhruv said...

awesome post! :) ...loved it!

Hemant said...

twists... good stuff madam!

SG said...

main toh kuchh aur hee samajh baitha. tch tch...:-p

shreya said...

good... that was the whole point!!! ;)

Siddharth said...

Gud 1!!
is it urs or uve taken it from somewhere?

Amiya said...

Awesome, awesome, awesome!! I told you, didn't I, how much I loved this piece!
You write amazingly well. Great job! :)

gourav said...

can see streaks of brilliance!