Monday, January 01, 2007

The Answer

I took a deep breath and looked up at the ladder. It was high, very high. And yet, climbing it wasn’t that difficult. Slowly and steadily, I moved further away from the safety of the earthen ground of this amazing circus called life. I could hear the chattering of the crowd, and I knew they were talking about me. I could feel their eyes piercing every inch of my body.

I finally reached the platform, and clutched the railings for support. I had never intended on coming this far, of reaching this wooden lifeless platform. I could hear snippets of the announcement, “Dare-devil act… 30 feet… bucket of water… will she survive?”

I looked at the tiny round shape on the ground, the water glittering mischievously. Will I survive? I started feeling dizzy at the height, the noise of the crowd filling me up.

But then I took a deep breath again. I tuned all the chattering out. I looked down at the water. I had to think clearly. I knew I wanted it. But it was a big risk. What if I didn’t make it? I turned back to look at the ladder. It was so easy to turn back and reach the ground safely again. I could run into the crowd, who would even notice me again?

I looked around at the crowd, which now was no more than a blur of faces, emotionless, yet waiting with baited breaths and watching my every move.

I took a step forward, and heard the collective intake of breath from the stands.

I looked down again, and this time, I saw the water waiting calmly, a soft bed waiting for me…
That’s when I realised, I trusted the water.

So I closed my eyes and jumped.


SG said...

Did I miss something here? :| Did this actually happen or are you talking in metaphoric terms?

shreya said...

u know... if that had actually happened... i probably wouldnt be in a state to put up this stupid post.... :)

Anonymous said...

LOL. You sure do like to build up to a climax and end on a wimpish note.

Amiya said...

Hm. Sometimes it's so much easier to trust anything, anyone, except yourself. Is it just the convenience of taking the easier route out, not trusting yourself with the decision... or is just plain silly... or is it more than that, is it cowardly? Hmm. Dunno, random thought!!

Anonymous' comment is funny, I got reminded of The Plunge... and I think another story you once wrote, earlier? :D :D

shreya said...

this one was way too similar... n it wasnt even supposed to be written... was actually an answer to sumthing sum1 had asked...
n well... shall certainly try not to end on a "wimpish note" from now on!!!