Friday, December 10, 2004

The Gift

Since I have been inspired to start my blog today by a very special yet extremely rude friend of mine, I chose the blog's name from something he had once said. I have been known to have the Gift of Gab but according to him it should be called the curse of gab....then he went on to add that my friends are the ones who are cursed because they have to listen to my Gift of Gab....and this is where he went on to confuse everyone listening to him. so while people are still decidiing whether it is a gift or a curse I got the perfect name for my blog.
Anyway, I am of course an extremely self centred person, so my guess is that most of my blogs would consist of things revolving around ME. MY thoughts, MY friends, MY likes and dislikes, and of course MY gab.
Dont read this if it bores you, which it probably will, but do read on if you dont mind cheekiness, rudeness, confusedness (I dont think thats a word!), and basically non-sensical musings. I'm not sure if I'll actually be regular...but I'll sure as hell try. Lord only knows I have a lot to say at all times. but then I usually call up my rude but surprisingly patient friend and dump all my thoughts on him. Hopefully, my blogging will give him a bit of relief.

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