Tuesday, December 21, 2004

The Weird Trio

It’s weird how the most unexpected people turn out to be the people you care about the most. Take for example, the people in my bus. Each and every person in it is totally unique. You find people of all ages, colour, size and nature. We have the popular kids, the talkative kids (no points for guessing who that title goes to!), the geeks, the nice neutral kids (you know, the ones who are always present during the fights but are mysteriously never involved in them…), and of course, we had the weird trio.
Of course, to understand the extent of weirdness of the weird trio I must take you through the weird history of this particular weird group. As you can see, I’m using the word ‘weird’ a lot. I looked up the thesaurus to try and make this passage less monotonous, but none of the ten words offered were anywhere near describing us. There’s only one word for us, yup, you guessed it, weird.
The oldest member of the group was a certain irritating boy called, let’s say, Mr. Magician (names have been changed to prevent me from being sued). I don’t know what his problem was, but he found great joy in troubling me and a friend of mine. Now that I think about it, I think I got my hair cut short because of him, I was just so sick of my rubber band being pulled off. This was one guy I hated, simply because he loved making my life miserable. But of course there finally came payback time, and I found something to trouble and tease him about. I screamed stuff out in the bus, loudly, over and over, until his face was totally red, and he started staring out of the window. You know how they call it ‘sweet revenge’? hoggumping crap!!! That’s when I realized that this guy had just started hating me. And then I fell in love with him. Why? Because I’m me. I like guys who never like me, and I do stupid stuff like particularly choosing the ones who at the moment hate me, and at most times the feeling is bloody mutual. Confused??? Welcome to my twisted and confusing life. But over the next year, we actually started talking, and I realized that the monster I was in love with was actually almost a human being. And that’s how our friendship started.
Member no.2 was a certain Ms. Reddy (all pun intended). Now she thought I was a total freak, and well, I’ve been known to have called her stuff like fish-face behind her back. But we were on nice hi-bye terms. We were actually decent friends. But that didn’t change the fact that she thought of me as a freak. I don’t really blame her as I used to start singing and dancing in the middle of the bus, and she used to get utterly embarrassed. But all that was about to change drastically. You see, the only reason that I didn’t mind doing the weird stuff I did was because I’d finally stopped caring about what people thought about me. Let us call that the condition of being ‘floopy’. This is caused due to certain flooping. Don’t try to figure out what im trying to say, because, well, you won’t be able to figure it out. I was flooped at the time, and that made me happy and carefree. Ms. Reddy totally disagreed with my shameful behavior, until she too, got flooped. And that was the beginning of the making of the biggest weirdo that this earth has ever seen, and if God is kind, will ever see.
Ms. Reddy didn’t approve of my friendship with Mr. Magician, she thought I was silly and chipkoo, until one day, when she got to sit with him. I never heard the end of her praise of Mr. Magician then. Suddenly he had become this nice guy who she thoroughly approved of and encouraged our friendship. In only a few months, the three of us became best friends. And then it happened. Mr. Magician got flooped.

The weird trio had been established.

Look out for more on the weirdness of the weird trio, coming up next week.

NOTE: No weirdoes were harmed during the writing of the above blog.


Bacchus said...

Trio? Flooped? And "no wierd people were harmed", get a grip. That's not you. It's probably some other bastard, but, I don't think it's really you.

shreya said...

You're right, this is not the "me" you know. but its the "me" that everyone in the bus know. and i'm not really sure which one is the real me. though the wierd one is way more fun

moizegreat said...

OH MY GOD is this THE shreya i know?
and you thought I was crazy...
oh yeah its me shruti

Amiya said...

What I said in your more recent 'Weird Trio' post!

PS: It's always nice to come across people who know the word's spelt 'weird' and not 'wierd'.