Monday, December 13, 2004

The unexpected

There are only two events which I look forward to the entire year. The school b'day and the fete. This year, being our last, was even more special. the wierd part about these functions are that the unexpected just about always happens. On the fete, for example, people who I had been expecting to spend the day with and have fun with were barely even there while I ended up spending the entire day with people I was pretty sure I could not endure the entire day (and vice versa, I'm pretty sure, I ain't that easy to be with). and the best part is, I actually enjoyed myself more with them. Now whether that was due to the fact that I was hell bent on enjoying myself, or whether a particular moody person was in a surprisingly good mood, i don't know. Either way, yesterday was fun, even though it led to today - which is the day for ppl to get serious n start studyin....(or so most people's mums think)

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