Wednesday, December 15, 2004


Q. What’s worse than having your mother or your sister screaming at you?
A. Having your mother and your sister screaming at you.
It is soooo infuriating. There are just these times when they seem to decide to team up against me. So anything that I possibly say or do has to be wrong and has got to be oh so rude. I say something to mum, and sis will scream at me for being rude and impudent. Say something to sis and of course, there’s mum, shouting at me for showing no respect to my elder sibling. Talk to them in normal tones, and that’s what works all the time. Yeah right! In a perfect world maybe. And this world is just as far from perfect as is possible. In a perfect world everything would be equally divided. I know the first thing that comes to your mind is the inequality in the distribution of wealth. But, hey people, this is my blog, and hullo, it has to be about me! I’m talking about the distribution between me and my sis. She’s the elder one, so there are, of course, no hand-me-downs for her. She has new clothes for her extremely pretty face, a sweet voice and a smile that charms and melts people into the ground. And though she’s fatter than me, being taller, that doesn’t show. Come on God, at least she could have been fat!!! I am on the other hand, not that greatly blessed in the looks section, shorter and hence look fatter, have a voice which changes every two days (it has been known to be described as a squeaky yet low voice, if that was possible) and lastly I hate being falsely nice to people. I just can’t pretend to like a person and then bitch about the person behind his/her back. This of course has adverse effects on my popularity. It takes quite a bit of understanding on my friends part to get used to my truthfulness which often is mistaken for rudeness. So it is not difficult to guess which one of the siblings of our family is easier to like at first sight.
As if all that was not enough, since sis is now married and has gone away from the house, when she is back in the house, whatever she does has to be right. If there’s a fight, according to both the grannies it’s probably my fault. In a fight, her blows are conveniently looked over while a little slap from me is quickly reprimanded. And to top it all, there are times like today when I get to hear my mum and my sis angry at me. Perfect little world my bloody yet extremely huge (size8) foot!
Now I know that I haven’t been fair in whatever I’ve written above. After all, it’s not my sis’s fault if she was born extra pretty or if people tend to like her more. (her fake sweetness though, I’ll never forgive!) and of course, when my mum is angry at me there are quite a few chances that I might have done something wrong. Of course, there are also quite a few chances that she’s just bugged with someone else and is taking it out on me. But the thing to be understood here is that I’m in 12th standard, with the pressure of boards and college on my head and I need a way to vent out all my frustrations. I figured the best way to do so is to write, and in my writing I have the right to be mean and say whatever I want to. Even though I know, that I will probably not post this, and if I do I’ll take it down pretty soon. Cause deep down, I know I just said stuff about people who mean more to me than anyone else, people with whom I’ll always fight, people with whom I can’t stay angry for long, people who I love.


Amiya said...

Have you added some new posts in here, this being one of them? Coz I thought I'd gone through your whole blog but then some new titles seem to have cropped up in between old ones.

I find sibling fights really cute. Easy for me to say that, since I don't have a sib (thank my parents).

And I so hope you've got that email alert for new comments turned on, otherwise you'll never stumble upon this comment of mine. Temme if you do read this. Will be nice to know that I haven't been talking to myself in here.

Shreya said...

Wow. I read this now. Like, NOW! After my sis finally decided to read my blog, and complained about a really mean post I put up (Read: this) years ago. And I find this comment!!!