Monday, January 17, 2005

Life in General

It's wierd how many things can happen in just a few weeks, or how few. the last few weeks have been extremely boring, of course the credit of that goes to the facte that I just gave my pre-boards. And they were worse than any horror story I have ever read. But anyway, now I'm just glad that they're over and I can look forward to (yeah right!) my BOARDS.
But for some reason, I've just got this nice feeling about life right now. I cannot imagine why, specially since I barely have a life right now, but I just do. Things were just going awfully wrong over the last month, I mean, my friends are still calling me a bitch though that is now becoming old news, my mother is doing her best to ruin any plan I make for having even a bit of fun, and some people are just mastering the art of irritating people while at the same time flunking the art of "knowing when to stop". But somehow, I just dont care anymore. I'm just in a good mood, until I get my results of course.
Now, I had started my blog thinking I'll write a lot, but of course the Delhi Electricity Board just wont allow it, so before my UPS starts screeching any more, I guess I'll sign off. And this is just another one of those things which are going awfully wrong. but I'm still really happy!

Dont bother, I'll find myself a therapist.


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