Monday, December 27, 2010

A Long Long Time Ago....

I used to skip and hop and walk, often akin to a monkey.
Now I walk, still fast, but oh so normally slow.
I used to be up for something new every day.
Now I come home, and watch TV.
I used to stay awake all night, and still manage to work.
Now I’m in bed at 11pm. Still in bed at 9 next morning.
I used to look forward to work.
Now I wish I could shirk it.
I used to sometimes want to dress up.
Now I stay in, just to not have to find something to wear.
I used to want to dance, to learn.
Now I stay eerily still.
I used to love meeting new people.
Now I like my comfort zone.
I used to talk a lot, a lot.
Now I’m the quiet one who has nothing to say.
I used to do shots and everything else 23.
Now I crib and feel every year of 23.

In my friend’s words,
2010, you were a bitch.
I can’t wait to bury you.

In my words:
2011, you’re full of promises.
I can’t wait to embrace you.

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Anonymous said...

+1 Shreya... A big ass +1...