Tuesday, December 07, 2010

The Second Sin

Writer or not, good or not, but I do intend to write a novel one day. Not to sell. But for the satisfaction.

One day, I would want to create a character. And I would want to write about her in depths not yet explored even by me, ever before. I would want to be consumed with her for days, while churning out those words, feeling those emotions, or the lack thereof. I would want to understand her, and push her to her limits. I would want to create her, and ultimately destroy her.

Here is a small glimpse into her. She goes way back, inspired by a character created by an old friend, the Original Sin.

The Second Sin

She inhaled sharply and opened her eyes.
Wide open.
She hadn’t fallen asleep. But she had been asleep, all this while. Deep slumber. Her life.
She stared at the wall in front of her, grey, with slight traces of moss creeping around the corner. It was humid. A bead of sweat slowly traced its way down her neck. She shivered.
She felt the satin sheet under her bare skin, her legs, her waist, her breasts.
She felt the weight of his arm, around her, burning her skin, fast asleep. Deep slumber. His life.
She slipped out from under the covers, padded across the room to the window and looked out. It was pouring, the rain, washing away all traces of the night before.
She turned around and looked at his naked form, splayed across the bed, used, drained of all life and emotion. Life. And Emotion.
She played around with the silver lighter, the light playing across her face. His lighter. His smoke. Her Life.
She closed her eyes, and ran her fingers down her bare skin. Her breasts, her waist, her legs. She felt him. His touch. Her bruises.
She looked through the veil of hair covering one eye.
Unblinking. Monotonous. Emotionless.
She looked at the stranger in front of her.
She looked at her soul.
Torn in two.
And she smiled.

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