Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Inside a Foodie’s Head

I come from a family of the biggest food lovers on the planet. People whose days are defined by breakfast, lunch and dinner…and all those yummy not-so-tiny snacks in between. To understand the extent of the importance of food in my life: The moment the alarm rings in the morning, the first thing I do is come up with a reason to get out of bed. My entire school life, my willingness to get out of bed was dependent on what I was taking in my tiffin to school that day.

So it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone, the kind of despair I feel when I come across a non-foodie, or worse a borderline anoerexic, who really couldn’t care less about what s/he eats, and how it tastes.

It’s rather simple…My thoughts, my moods, my life revolve around my food.
Oh, sweet awesome food.
And the memories.

Strawberry cornflakes: Breakfast with friends, new and old, in an office new and old…When the pink sugar coating slowly spreads in the ice cold milk, dissolving in your mouth, how can you not sleepily smile to yourself in the morning…knowing that it is in fact a brand new day…started in the most amazingly sweet and perfect manner.

Hot Chocolate: The steam which fogs up your specs, warms your fingers in your cold air conditioned office, clears up your head clogged with numbers and excel sheets, and just makes you sit back for two minutes, and sigh out in pure guilty relief…Candies or the office machine, its sinful, always.

Chicken Pepper Steak: Nothing drains away all the tension in the body like a good filling chicken steak, complete with mashed potatoes and loads of barbeque sauce. I know I’m sounding like a glutton by now, but I probably am, exactly that. You want a peppy me? Pump in some pepper chicken.

Blueberry Cheesecake: I was definitely born with a sweet tooth, or 32 of them, to be a little more precise. Cupcakes, cheesecakes, mousse, soufflés, ice creams, pies, chocolate anything….sigh… A blueberry cheesecake. Biting into that slightly tangy top sauce, the creamy and frothy cheese, and the final condensed biscuit base, pure delight, three layers, one cake.

Subway's Double Choco Chip Cookie: By itself, or with Pappu's mint chocolate ice cream, when stuck in a college with limited sugary delights, this cookie has been known to make me sing and dance...a fact soon realised by close friends, and used every few days to pep me up.

A breakfast buffet: The one thing that will drive me crazy beyond recognition. The spread of breads and  cakes and cold cuts…juices and milk and cream…cornflakes and chocos…pure pleasure, served on a zillion platters. What a beautiful starry eyed start to any day!

At this point, I think an apology is justified…Inside a foodie’s head…was supposed to be some insights into why I love food so much, what it really means to me, my life, so much more than what simple food means to most people.

But then I started imagining the food I was writing about, and all philosophical thoughts went right down the… stomach, literally.

I think I should start looking for a gym, soon.


Anonymous said...

I know I Love all of that.... and more... Love the post!!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Ooooh...i want to write a food post right now!

The Comedian said...

blueberry cheesecake from moshe's! you lucky mumbaikar you :P

@apporvaonaroll: you could write something about rolls... then you'd be literally on a roll to boot :D

Anonymous said...

u being a delhi wala i was looking for some spice.. dilli ki chaat :D but i guess u like sweet stuff mochhhhhhhhh more.. :) happy eating..

Shreya said...

@ Vyas - Always nice to meet a fellow foodie, even if vegetarian :P

@Apoorva - Whenever I think of food...I for some weird reason end up thinking of you!!! And I would take Andrew's advice if I were you :D

@Andrew - It's lunch time in office....and you got me thinking of blueberry cheesecakes all over again!!

@Anonymous - I don't really let myself think about the Delhi stuff, being so far away....chaat...golgappas...parathas..momos....oooohhh...*literally starts crying*