Wednesday, November 03, 2010


So I have a friend.
A good friend.
Who has been after my life forever to mention him on my blog.
Pleas of whom I have been continuously ignoring.
With good reason.
Because when I do finally decide to write about him, this is what comes out.

Name: Slim-Boy-Fat
Current Location: New Delhi
USP: Whiney and attention seeking
Most often spotted: In love and regretting it

Perhaps a bit of background would help. Slim-Boy-Fat is my friend from college. I didn’t know him throughout first year at all. And knew him all too well in my second. I didn’t really have a choice you see, you can’t possibly ignore him if you live in the same hostel as him. He makes sure of that.

He’s the one who you’re most likely to wake up to.
His attention seeking loud voice of course.
He’s the one you’re most likely to throw your shoe at from the first floor.
To give him some attention of course.
And he’s the one whose speakers you’re most likely going to kick.
To stop the annoying weepy and romantic songs, of course.

But he’s also the one you’re going to run to when you’re bored.
His gym dance the one you’re going to copy in the party.
His pillow the one you’re most likely to soak with your tears.
His bike the one you’re going to sit on to get away from life.
His company the one you seek when you randomly want to walk in the middle of the fields.
His room the one you choose to vandalise, when you’re really frustrated.
His friendship, selfless and forgiving, the one you’re going to hold onto, for the rest of your life.

Hence I don’t care if he updates his Facebook status like it was Twitter, and sounds more depressed as the day goes on.
I don't care if he types like a ReTaRd, which by the way is damn difficult to do!
I don’t care if he’s rude to me and tells me I’m making the worst mistake of my life, when I feel I’m making the best.
I don’t care if he makes the same mistake over and over, because I get to say “I told you so!!”
And I don’t care if he hates this post, because right now, I just want to hug him and thank him for always being there!

I love you, Slim-Boy-Fat!!

P.S. Lay off the aaloo parathas for a while...u might become slim again!! :P


Amiya said...

I LOVE this post. :)

somya said...

Pretty interesting :)

Ausdrucklos said...

This reminds me of someone similar I had in my life. Thanks for this dose of nostalgia! Zindagi ke purane din.Woo

Shreya said...

@Amiya - Thank You!! :D

@Somya - Hai na? ;)

@Ausdrucklos - Good to know :D
Was surprised to see a comment here,after all this time. Shut this blog some time back. Moved to

Hope to see you there soon! :D