Monday, October 18, 2010

The Un-Weekend

Disclaimer: I feel like writing, but my brain wont comply. Sorry for the random string of sentences.

In the almost six months in Mumbai, the tiny excuse of a weekend that I have after working every Saturday has more or less fallen into a tried and tested pattern.

Someplace nice, loud, and late on Saturday, sleep through the next day, out for coffee or dinner again on Sunday.

And then came this weekend.


The one begging to be different.

And so after yet another useless day at work, I walked home, took a nice refreshing shower, and plonked down in bed.

With a book. After a very very long time. And in bed I stayed. With the book. All evening till midnight.

P.S. Shantaram, I love you.

And I slept…by far the earliest ever on a Saturday.

And hence I woke up, earlier than the rest of the denizens of my age, 10 AM, on Sunday.

And for once I didn’t wait for the others to wake up. For once I didn’t plan. For once I just set out.


It’s a funny experience. Made even funnier by the fear and trepidation in our heads I feel.

I watched a movie. And then I headed out for lunch. The much awaited, much craved for pepper chicken steak. Finally!

So people stared. So the waiter asked me twice if I wanted just a place for one. So my food came extremely fast, maybe to clear out the single person occupying the place for two.

But I smiled. It was amusing. I wondered what they were thinking. And it amused me even more.

And then he came. My first love.

That beautiful pepper chicken steak.

And nothing else mattered.

I tipped well, I smiled at the waiters, and I walked home.

Oh, and its nice to walk, when its by choice!

And there was so much more I loved about the day for one. I didn't have to shut any one up during the movie. I didn't need to smile and make small talk. I didn't have to care about where the other person wanted to eat, or what cuisine s/he liked. And I could dedicate myself wholeheartedly to my food, without distractions.

Afternoon was spent cozying up with Shantaram again, and he didn’t disappoint.

Evening was out shopping for necessities with Roomie.

The night ended with a blueberry cheesecake.

And a day which ends with a blue berry cheesecake, is a day well ended indeed.

Note: This annoying, weird post goes out to all those who laughed and doubted.


Atrisa said...

How much more you can pack in a day when you don't have to depend on others! I loved your weekend :)

Sahil Chopra said...

That's how weekends are the best!! :D
Wish you have loadsa more..

Shikha said...

a day spent with urself, for urself, is a day spent well.enjoy being with urself !!

Anonymous said...

where do you get pepper chicken steak, walking distance from malad?!


Shreya said...

@ Atrisa - So did I :)

@ Sahil - Wow...thanks!! ;)

@ Mummy - :) :) :)

@ Sid - I live in Andheri, not Malad!! And there are enough good restaurants here!!!!

Sid said...

And oh, hate to break it to you, but don't rely on Shantaram. It will disappoint you, eventually.