Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Confessions of A Scentaholic

Everyone has quirks. Something they’re particular about. Something they have a ‘thing’ for. Something that turns them on.

As you might have guessed already, for me it’s all about the scent. And not just any scent.

Mens’ perfumes.

Sounds silly doesn’t it? Of course mens’ perfumes! All girls like them. So what am I khaoing footage for?

Because it’s the one thing I can’t resist.

Because for that one second, as the scent hits me, I close my eyes, take a deep breath and completely forget where I am…smiling like a complete fool the entire time.

I’ve been known to smile contently in elevators, taking in a lingering scent long after the owner has left, wondering who had been in them just before me.

I’ve been known to unconsciously sniff the guy on the stair above me on an escalator, much to the embarrassment of my friend.

I’ve been known to randomly smile at a guy I’m talking to, without any relevance to the topic of conversation, just because of his perfume.

And till date, after so many years, I still love the combined fragrance of the car freshener and a friend’s after shave and deodorant and perfume…The scent imprinted in my brain all these years, clearer than the memory of all the car rides themselves.

Hell, I’ve even smelt a ghost. (Another story…another time…)

And…if you by any weird chance…throw in a light blue shirt…

Oh My God.


trishala said...

Reactions only has adjectives like funny,cool or interesting....
i want to say weird but so true..i can like completly identify with u bt hvnt gone to this extent as yet..hehe
good goin babe..cya soon..tada!! xo!!

Aarbee said...

Hahaa! Oh My God! You know why. Now it's just eerie.

Shreya said...

@ Trishala - Hehee...maybe by the time ur 23 u wudve reached this extent :P

@ Richa - Lol....Seriously?!?!!?

Aarbee said...

Yea, except maybe the ghost story. :)

Atrisa said...

Hehe, been there! :) In a microsecond it takes you to places from the past.