Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Le Dudes

This might be a good time to introduce you to my new friends, aka, Le Dudes.
So thanks to GrumpO I’d met his Mumbai friends a couple of times. Background: they all had come together to form an event management agency, so they pretty much now work together, eat together, live together…u know, the works. So according to GrumpO, they’re all so sick of each other, that they love welcoming new people to hang out with and talk to. I’m not sure how far the explanation is true, but they sure as hell are a welcoming bunch.
As it turns out, three of them live in Andheri East, and since I live in the supposedly-not-so-far Andheri West, the Andheri gang decided to take me under its wing. Of course, at the slightest hope of human dudely interaction…I easily fluttered under it anyway.
So this is the grand entrance on my blog (APPLAUSE!!!) of Bewra (I did give him the option of being called Boob-frog in-stead, I thought it sounded cooler, but oh well…this is the screen name he chose!), Yo-Bro (no, nothing brotherly about him at all…but he’s from U.P….bhojpuri…..come on, I know you can make the connection!), and Kid-Zzz (somehow misleading but self explanatory name).
While I am very very tempted to go into character sketches of the above three, I think I’m going to try and refrain myself, simply cuz they might hail an auto, somehow fit themselves in, and drive down to Andheri West to beat the shit out of me.
Oh yeah…
I’m one of Le Dudes now.


Amiya said...

Love the new template! Keep blogging, looking forward to interesting stories. :)

Shreya said...

:) :) :)