Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I logged onto my blog today.
I’m shocked.
This blog must have officially been pronounced dead months ago, and I was just not aware of it! It hit me, it hit me hard. It was like the silent passing away of a dear friend, who you always owed a 100 bucks, but kept postponing…until one day, you realize those 100 bucks can never be returned.
After 3.76 seconds of my mind going blank, I took out my emergency first aid kit, and decided to do some self improvised resuscitation.
Preparing for defib…
700 volts…
Alright alright….too much Grey’s anatomy and Private Practice filled the months of blah-ness this poor blog witnessed.
Oh wait…was that a heart beat?????


Aarbee said...

Yes, Christina.. a happy heartbeat. :-)

Good to see the update!

shreya said...

And considering how vella i am nowadays...loads more coming up..hopefully!!!

And yayy!! You chose Christina!


Aarbee said...

Hahahaa... know you enough to at least know that you'd prefer to be Christina. :)

Shreya said...