Tuesday, July 20, 2010

All that Rant!

So much has happened since this blog died, and was revived by the multi-talented yours truly of course. So perhaps a quick recap won’t hurt anyone (you’re insured, right?)

For one thing MICA’s done and over with, once and for all. Pheeww!!! The two years were fun, but they were more than enough of MBA and student fun for me. Yes yes I know, a year into work I’ll supposedly be stuffing these words right back down where they came from.

I’ve moved to Mumbai to work with a leading production house (name being with-held for legal purposes…I don’t want to get fired cuz of a blog that barely anyone reads anymore for God’s sake!). So as it turns out, I do get to live my dream of working in media, and being the next Rupert Murdoch (yup, you heard right, you sniggering *^%^%$!). Of course what I hadn’t accounted for was four months of mindless facebooking and staring at the brown walls closing in on me. Oh well.

I was also extremely excited about living in a city which I had previously loved, during my two month summer internship. The city that really stays awake at night. The city that lives, breathes, eats and talks…all the time…always. And it does. But what I skillfully missed out on last year was this little anomaly in its weather called monsoons. No, these aren’t just any monsoons. It’s not that sweet civilized peek-a-boo season which shows it face for a week or two in Delhi anywhere between July and August. No Sir. THIS happens to be a monstrous season of the year, the only season that Mumbai actually seems to experience (apart from humidity…and some bit of chills which they proudly call their winters apparently). It rains in this city all, and mark my words, I mean ALL the bloody time! Without fail. From June through September. Like. WOW.

“Today’s special, madam…An open sizzling gutter, served with a portion of earthworms and muck to accompany the fine taste.”

I had also been excited about Mumbai as some of my closest friends were going to be in this city with me. Pappu and GrumpO had in my head assured me the most amazing times in a city where I knew no one. As my luck would have it,Pappu got busy being Pappu...and GrumpO  nicely got his fat ass transferred to…wait for it…of course none other than MY very own city Delhi!!

So I geared myself up for some of the most boring months of my life…limited human interaction in office followed by no human interaction at home. Not a very difficult task for a pretty anti-social person. Or so I thought. Thankfully I was saved by good old GrumpO’s good ol’ friends, who swooped down and took me under their wing. Literally. More on those dudes later.

So to summarise (hey, wake up!! Yes…I’m talking to you…you lazy bum with the attention span of a cockroach!)… I’m in a brand new (rotting but..oh well…) city…in a brand new (currently dead-end) job…with brand new (le dudes) friends…a brand new blog (recovering from heart failure) template…and a brand new (yes, your read it right) life.

And I intend to tell you all about it! :D


wanderer said...

dude.. there is dis blog www.whatay.com. the guy's writings are mediocre. but he has managed to get a book published.. i dont understand how!!! why dont u write a book.. ur writing is much much superior.. that guy isnt even equivalent to the nail of the little finger of your left toe!!

Shreya said...

Do NOT insult Dork!