Friday, December 14, 2007

Reality is Different for Different People

Soch... the hindi stage play of out Dramatics Society this year... Reality is different for different people... When I read this line being flaunted on their new sweatshirts, after a long time I felt myself drifting into my world of vague thoughts again.. What is reality?
Hmm... Where had these thoughts actually started? I was introduced to the world of multiple personalities by Sydney Sheldon's "Tell Me Your Dreams"... but that was negative.. One personality was bad and dominated over the others... Killed people... Blah.. Blah..
And then came 15 Park Avenue... And I had my first intriguing conversation right after watching it.. Just imagine... everything you consider real is nothing but your own hallucination... But what's wrong with it? Does it really matter what is real? If I can see something, and it's giving me happiness... why would I ever want to realise that it's not real?? Maybe I'm just imagining myself sitting on a bed and typing these thoughts.. Maybe I'm not actually Shreya, there is no blog, and you definitely don't exist. Maybe I'm actually just lying in some corner of a mental asylum..lost in my own world...with my own own life... Maybe my brain doesn't function at all, and I'm just imagining that I feel love, hate, pain and every other emotion I've been feeling lately.. Maybe at the end of the day it's all a big illusion.. Something that a tiny part of my brain cooked up just cuz it was bored of the clinical white walls of my cell.
Think about it. I'd like to know people's views on this... If I exist in your world, that is.

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Hemant Goyal said...

think of this recursive relation :

having a dream that you are dreaming while you re asleep..

i co-relate what you said to the infinite images that you see of yourself when you stand between two perfectly aligned mirrors..

which is the real you in that array of you's ?

My answer - the one who proposes that question in the first place :)

nice post, and i guess we all think of such things at one point or another. Like i might have an illusion of being one of the characters in a video game called life. God just controls this particular character through his joy stick. Its fun to reduce our thoughts to such funny generalizations at times, but ultimately whats really real is the challenge everyone takes on everyday.