Thursday, August 11, 2011

When the World goes Round

Over the months I realize that I’ve fallen into one lazy rut. I wake up just in enough time to get ready and reach office on time. I work. And then some more. I sail a few seas. And I go to sleep. Late. And wake up just in time to get ready and reach office on time.

Believe me, I’m not cribbing. Life is rather perfect right now. Just like this.
But one thing that this routine routinely misses out on is reading the newspaper.
Blissful ignorance it was, as I learnt today.

I did pick up the newspaper after long. And this is what I learnt:
  • The economy and stock markets are scary terms, again.
  • London is up in flames.
  • Juhu is black.
  • Mumbai has potholes.
  • Delhi is scary.
  • TOI has decided it’s ok to use random abbreviations in headings (fgn, oppn, really?)
  • We are apparently still obsessed with how Jennifer Aniston’s heart was broken by Brad Pitt.
  • Rakhi Sawant is asking Sonakshi Sinha to follow her special diet.
  • There is yet another Blackberry in this world.
  • Aarakshan is still in controversy.
  • There are mutant rats that just won’t die.
  • And some usual cricket crap.

You know what I want? I want to wake up, and not have to start my day depressed. One day, I think I’ll start a paper which has two parts: the happy, and the sad. Want a chirpy morning? Here’s the nice sunny section which tells you how awesome your country is, how the weather is amazing, how the education system is improving, how opportunities are growing, how amazing the T3 airport is, how inspiring some people and their stories are.

A little further in the day, ready to face the real brutal world? Here’s the section that tells you that you might lose your job, trip over potholes, get raped on the street, feel fat over not following a Bollywood diet, and come back home to super ninja rats with kung-fu moves, which are apparently immune to poison. Oh, and some usual cricket crap.

Whatsay? Any takers?

P.S. No offence meant to the usual cricket crap lovers.
P.P.S. If tomorrow, I do see a happy-sad paper in the market, I will hunt you down and sue you.