Friday, August 05, 2011

But it Rained.

Sometimes, just sometimes, it should rain.
Sometimes, just sometimes, you should get drenched to the bone.
As the rain hits your skin, little determined needles with just one passion in life,
To break you.
To break your resolve, your belief, your tough exterior.
Sometimes, you need the rain.
To take away the shock, to let you feel the pain.
To reach into the darkest side of you, and wrench it out in slow graceful moments.
To remind you, that suffering is important.
To make you understand, that at this very moment, you are alone.
In the dark.
In the rain.
And then to softly caress each part of you.
To tell you it will all be alright.
That you are not alone in the downpour.
That this is but a test, for everyone.
To wash away your tears, for they are but worthless in its sea
To show you, that there will be a sun.
That at the end of the road is a dry haven.
That you’re not a fool for believing.
To give you hope.
To let you love.


RB said...

Didn't think I would say this, but missing it now that it's not here. For similar reasons.

Anonymous said...

Hope is a beautiful thing...


Shreya said...

@RB - Somehow, I think I can do without it. I struggle with the limited optimism in my life anyway.

@Sagar - If it exists, then yes.