Sunday, July 17, 2011


There’s no other word for it. Because I can’t describe it. I just can’t. I’m feeling something, I don’t know if it’s an overload of something, or a void, suddenly cracked open, left for me to leak out of slowly, undetectable, unavoidable…
So here I am, using my blog for what it does best, to think. Here are the thoughts in my head, right now, at this very moment, and in the few moments that have led up to this moment:
Are you a hypocrite, if you have spent your entire life rebelling against control, and suddenly not only willingly succumb to it, accept it, but ask for it?
Is hypocrisy bad?
If your priorities change in life, is it really that big a deal? Have you changed as a person? Or have you finally grown up?
The small brown round things in my oregano, are they some kind of seed, or dead bugs?
How long have they been in there?
Would it really have been so difficult to have spotted them before I polished off my generously garnished meal?
Why did I choke on my medicine?
Why do I find it impossible to hold down a thermometer using my tongue?
Why did I break the thermometer?
Why does something as poisonous as mercury look oh-so-pretty on the bathroom floor?
Why did the last five thoughts and events occur in a span of five minutes?
What has the maid been using to cook, when there seems to be no cooking oil in the house?
Why do I suddenly feel emotions? Why do I like it?
Why am I so happy? Then why do I feel so sad?
Why am I suddenly homesick?
Why does the ship feel lost without its Captain, even if it has been safely anchored?
Why do I actually know the answer to each of the above asked questions, and yet, still ask?


Ruchi Mittal said...

the first three questions: if you know the answer, please do share!

Atrisa said...

Rearrange the questions, you might find some answers :P

P.S: Playing with mercury is So. Much. Fun.

Rajiv Unnithan said...

Hi , hw ru?
Surely a whole lot of questions to ask & answer.

Shreya said...

@Ruchi - I answer them all in a way that defines my life. And keeps me happy.

@Atrisa - Lol...true! I'm scared of it though...always reminds me of Terminator 2, dunno y!

@Rajiv - I always have enough questions.