Saturday, June 11, 2011


Mumbai monsoons. That damned season of the year. It’s back again. Early apparently. How sweet of it.
It’s raining cats and dogs outside right now. Cats and dogs. Funny phrase. I wonder what would actually happen if it rained cats and dogs. A lot of yelping and screeching, I think.
Saw the latest X Men last night. Oh speaking of superpowers and movies, I remember the time I went for the most boring movie on the planet with some friends and Morrison turned to me in a crucial scene and asked, “What’s your superpower?”. First time I met Morrison. And I didn’t know my superpower. Of course I also didn’t know that his name wasn’t Morrison till like a year later. I did find out that he could fly under water, though.
Oooooh, and I’m in love. With my new umbrella. It’s dark blue, with little white hearts, and a white frill at the end. No no, don’t adjust your glasses, lil nerd, or your lenses lil-nerd-in-hiding, you read right. A blue umbrella with hearts and a white frill. Yup. It’s the cutest gift ever. And it’s mine….my precious! <3
Did you know that if you find a fly in your food in Mainland China, and don’t make a fuss about it, you get a free starter? And a membership card? Next time I plan to swap the fly for a dessert. I'm sure the fly won't mind.
Ooooh, I could do with some nice dessert just about now.
I miss Nirula’s HCF. Gooey chocolatey bliss.
Blah, now I miss home.
In the past one month, I have had Iranian food, Kashmiri food, Mughlai, chopsuey, food cooked with love, and food cooked by me.
Ok, so I might have lied about the last one.
In the past one month, I have not looked at the weighing machine.
I forgot what I wanted to write about. I’m forgetting so much nowadays. Should start writing them down.
I want pweetty shoes.
Yes, I’m talking like a girl.
Yes, I’m restless and in a random mood.
Congratulations, Einstein.


Wanderlust said...

Smoking funny cigarettes are we?

Shreya said...

No. Just Life :)