Friday, May 27, 2011

The World Moved On

He woke up nice and early
Smiled up at the sun
Skipped a step
Hummed a tune
But the world moved on.

He stumbled on the pebbles
He sweat in the heat
He reached out for the world
He cried out in need
But the world moved on.

Clutching onto his courage
Head held high
He got up and proved his worth
And shone into the sky
But the world moved on.

When his world came to a standstill
When all seemed too far gone
When redemption was no longer an option
The world moved on.

The stars now shone too brightly
The sun no longer fair
He crawled under a rock
And hid beneath his layers
But the world stopped.
And stared.


Manthan said...

Nice one yaar, I just came to know that you have a blog...

Shreya said...

@Manthan - Thank you :)