Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Freedom (??????)

Finally.......finally.........finally the boards are over. Not a very nice experience, and frankly I wouldnt go through them again if you paid me a thousend dollars!!! well, maybe a million....
Neway, my 1 and a half day of fun are almost over now.....so life is going to get pretty much as boring as before pretty soon. But now I get to listen to music and complete my school life story. My initial plan also included having a nice fun fling before college, but I'm not sure how thats gonna work out. I'll keep posting stupid blogs of course.


Nishita said...

nice to c ur blog finally... good work keep it up!!
watchu doin to chill out?

shreya said...

chillin out was over in jst 2 days - now its back to studying and pretending to study all day long thanx to the insensitive jerks who keep more exams right after our boards!