Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Pursuit of HappYness

It struck me the other day, how often most of us are unhappy. Of course, I’m a rather huge case in point. Till recently I might have been a borderline depressed maniac. But then, even in those maniacal-i-might-punch-you-if-you-deliver-one-more-bad-news-to-me days, there were always these tiny little instances, which perhaps provided more joy than all those big goals in life ever will.

So here’s my list of what I think happiness is, in my life:
Happiness is what I feel every time I manage to get an auto in Mumbai
Happiness is that last spoon of sweet milk left at the end of a bowl of strawberry cornflakes
Happiness is being on time, and realising I’m not alone
Happiness is cooking a meal, and realising its edible
Happiness is what I feel when I write with my favourite two rupee pen
Happiness is genuinely laughing at work
Happiness is for once being impulsive and splurging on a pair of Charles & Keith heels
Happiness is hugging an old friend, and realising nothing has changed
Happiness is your hair deciding to cheer you up by becoming extra curly
Happiness is finding a place to stay in Mumbai
Happiness is finally figuring out a Vlookup
Happiness is the amazing service at the Taj
Happiness is a good chicken steak at the end of a really frustrating day
Happiness is waking up to an SMS from someone who cares
Happiness is realising that the monsoons are finally over, for good
Happiness is a blueberry cheesecake, a double choco chip cookie, a fresh fruit juice
Happiness is discovering the wonder of Blogger Stats
Happiness is subsequently realising that the stats don’t matter
Happiness is having choices in life
Happiness is finally making a tough choice
Happiness is being able to share your dreams with someone
Happiness is that someone not laughing at you
Happiness is having a nice dream
Happiness is realising that life is somehow even better than the dream.

P.S. Due credit must go to Richa, who did an almost identical post some time back :)


RB said...

Sounds darn good. :)

Shreya said...

Wait...what happened to Arbee?!

RB said...

Aarbee has grown up. :)

RB said...

Arre! Credit! :D

Credit should actually go to the common thought chromosome. :P