Sunday, February 20, 2011

For the love of life

It’s been a lazy Sunday. A nice lazy Sunday. But what most lazy Sundays do to me by the end of the day, is challenge my brain to work overtime on some completely futile thought.

Thought for the day: alternate reality

Disclaimer: No, I wasn’t thinking of inception, limbo, virtual reality or any other crap. Though that’s pretty much what this will sound like. I was simply thinking.

I’m living a life. A life created by quite a few logical decisions, a life which I continue to live by taking many more logical decisions every day, and well, a few not-so-logical and impulsive ones.

I wish I could freeze this life, in time, just make it pause, lift away from it, smile down at it, and land myself into my alternate life. A life which starts right where I switched, but where I decide differently, not necessarily based on logic, but more on instinct. More on what I genuinely feel like doing, rather than what I think might be good for me in the future.

I’d like to meet random people, and have all the fun at all the places and parties on the planet. I’d like to spend all my money, travel and shop till my last penny. I’d like to be giddy with a kiddish crush. I’d like to not think about the future. I’d like to not think about age. And expectations. I’d like to run so far away that reality becomes a distant memory.

I’d like to self destruct.

And then I’d like to return, to my frozen, logical life. I’d like to have seen and experienced all that I gave up on, and know that it was worth it. I’d like to believe that being mature and thinking through everything I do is actually what’ll make me happy.

I’d like to know, that my instinct has always been wrong, just like I believe it to be.

I’d like to know, that I am right.


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Uday said...

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