Monday, September 13, 2010


I have been called a pessimist in the past.
Yeah well.
That part is true.

But what is also true is that I have never believed in luck, fate, destiny et all.

But today, as I sit at my now yellow desk, my head pounding, back hurting, and legs aching, I beg to differ.

Disclaimer: I am about to crib. Big time. I am about to wallow in self pity and be the most negative person on the planet. Because sometimes, just sometimes in life I should be allowed to. Because sometimes I feel like I’m jinxed. Sometimes, it all gets a little too much. And I need to let it out.

So I’m going to recap to around a year ago. Just to put it down on paper. Officially.

My awesome luck.

I got through to the highest paying summer internship. I got the hardest project.
I got the Second Best Intern award. Everyone other than me landed the final job offer.
I let go of most companies for placements. I got beat by a chatterbox in the final stage of my dream company.
I slogged throughout the year for the college fest. I didn’t get to attend the college fest.
I’m from Delhi, I moved to Mumbai for my job. He’s from Mumbai, he moved to Delhi for his job.
I never ever wanted to work on TAM again. My first stint in my company was with TAM.
I got to work directly with the CEO of my company in my first stint. I didn’t get to work.
I joined this company to work in a certain department. Half the department moved out.
I finally shifted to my dream department in the company. The movie I was supposed to work on shifted out of the department.

Moving onto more mundane, and yet more annoying things in life:
5/6 of the time, I don’t manage to get an auto home.
2/3 of the time, I influence the luck of people I am with to not get an auto home.

I waited for months for my birthday this year.
I spent half the day standing in the heat at the RTO office, waiting for my driver’s test.
I spent another hour standing in the heat waiting for Tomato, who was right there.
I broke the zip of my brand new dress, bought and saved specially for the day.
Oh and my license arrived a week later. It says SHERYA Shively.

I spent my last weekend in Bangalore.
Meru in Mumbai went on strike the day before I had to leave.
My Easy Cab cancelled on me 45 minutes before I was due to leave.
It was 3.30 in the morning.
I ended up paying three times the usual amount, to be able to catch my flight.
Thankfully in Bangalore, there was no Meru strike.
My Meru never turned up.
And I know this seems to be a bit of a stretch, but on arrival, my bag, and I kid you not, my bag was the absolute last bag to come on the conveyer belt.
My auto guy made me get off outside the airport once he realized that I knew a bit about Mumbai. By a bit, I mean the fact that the meters actually work, and that it doesn’t take 300 bucks to reach Andheri.
I dumped my bag and headed to office.
The lifts weren’t working. I work on the 6th floor.
Again, I kid you not, but the moment I planted my ass on my chair, the lifts started working again.

Now I know most people will say I’m just looking at it the wrong way…that I’m not paying attention to all the good things in life…that the glass is actually half full and all that crap.

More than a year of this.

Think about it.

Am I really crazy for freaking out right now?

Is it that stupid to start believing in my lack of luck?

And to be scared?


Vineet said...

will it count as rude if i like the post? :P

Aarbee said...

I like the post too. But will it be rude if I requested a similar positives post? :)

Shreya said...

@ Vineet - Hehehe

@ Aarbee - I'd oblige your request...but it would take forever to be able to come up with it!! :P

Aarbee said...

No, it won't. That's the whole point! :)

Atrisa said...

Law of attraction baby! Watch/Read The Secret :P

But look at it this way, it made for an awesome blog post! Hi5!

Vikas Chandra said...

such a happening lyf u have!
and who said u r a pessimist??