Monday, August 09, 2010

The Puppeteer - Part 1

This world is divided into two kinds of people: the puppets, and the puppeteers.
People don’t always formally belong to either of the categories, often they spend their lives blending in and out at convenience. They spend their lives not even being aware of it.
There was a puppet once. She was rather happy being a puppet. She had a lovely life, a lot of puppet friends, she laughed, and loved and played. But, there were times, when she had these tendencies…not very becoming of a puppet, you see. She liked playing around with her emotions, experimenting with them, pushing them, seeing what would happen. She realized that somewhere, somehow she was different. Different from all the other puppets around her. She would observe the other puppets, she’d understand them, and she’ll soon discover exactly what made them happy, and what peeved them. She would revel in her ability to predict their moods, their thoughts, and sometimes, just sometimes she would allow herself the luxury of prodding and poking them, just slightly, just out of curiosity, just to see what would happen.
But she was scared. She wasn’t sure why she had such thoughts, and what the other puppets would think. So she kept quiet and hid. She kept her thoughts to herself, and contained them.
That’s when he found her.
The Puppeteer.
Intrigue doesn’t begin to describe what he felt when he first saw her. The first thing he noticed was the glint in her eyes, so very uncharacteristic of puppets. He approached her cautiously, circling around her, one cautious step at a time. He tried, more than once, to attach a thin translucent string to her, to pull her in, to be one of his puppets, but the string wouldn’t hold. As each string would snap, he’d smile. He knew he’d been right about the glint.
He knew he had found a puppeteer, in guise.

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