Tuesday, August 15, 2006


There comes a time in everyone’s life when one stops and simply thinks… what am I doing? This may come in middle age, or maybe at the time of retirement, or maybe even in your teens. The important thing, when it does happen, what do you do?
I guess that will depend on the answer to the question I mentioned in the beginning, “What am I doing?”. If you’re satisfied with the way things are going, you’ll probably just smile and continue doing exactly what you have been doing your entire life. Others, who might not be fortunate enough to be satisfied, would probably go into a depression about how their life sucks. And then there will be those who will be depressed for a while, but will soon decide that it’s not too late to change things.
I just realized that what I’ve written is utterly boring, and anyone unfortunate enough to actually read all this is probably cursing me right now. But what I really wanted to write about was simply a problem that might crop up after this stage.
So suppose you decide you’re going to change things. You realize that your life has been pretty useless till now, and you make plans to make it better. And when the time finally comes, you follow your plans. Or at least, you try to.

What do you do when after trying to change your life, you realize you can’t?
What do you do when till now you thought your life was useless, but now you feel that it is actually you who is useless?
Do you try to change yourself?
Or do you wish you had never reached the point of questioning your life?


Bacchus said...

Aren't you ever going to update this thing?

shreya said...

nah... not until im in a nice cheerful mood n i stop writing crappy stuff like this...

Bhangi said...

high time is what i tell myself everyday.
every night.
every afternoon.
every moment.
i have such a perfect life at the moment..sometimes it seems as if i'm looking for reasons to be gloomy...
but then; the thought comes back with full force: what the bloody hell am i doing?
after all; existing is one thing.. living is quite another...
but bloody how?