Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Real Problem

The entire country is in an uproar over the plans to increase reservations. Protest marches, hunger strikes, lathi charges form the front page headlines everyday. What are the students worried about? Why are they protesting? Is it actually because they’re concerned about the quality of students passing out of India’s premiere institutes? Because they don’t believe in reservations? Because they think it’s highly unfair? Not really. Though all these reasons are extremely valid to argue against reservations and quotas, the real reason is simply that all of us can see chances of our bright future slowly slipping away from us.
But somehow, I don’t agree with the way people’s attitudes are changing. Everybody hates Arjun Singh and the government right now. The protests are obviously aimed at him. I receive at least five messages everyday making fun of arjun singh and his quota plans. Here are a couple of examples :

Why does Arjun Singh have sex only 3 days a week?
Because the rest 3 days his wife is reserved for OBC n for Sundays for SC/ST

Ok… that did make me laugh.

New rules of quota system in Indian Cricket:
1. boundary will be 15 yards shorter for SC/ST/OBC players
2. SC/ST/OBC can take one bounce catch of any batsman
3. SC/ST/OBC scoring 20 runs in a practice match will qualify for national team
4. SC/ST/OBC player scoring 60 will be counted as century
5. over for SC/ST/OBC bowler will consist of 3 balls
6. 50% players in cricket team will be from SC/ST/OBC.

Hmm… I did not find that funny.

These messages progressively seem to be becoming against OBCs rather than the government. Fine, people are angry that this section of the population is getting advantages that most of them don’t deserve. But they are not at fault! Is it their fault that they exist? Is it their fault that Arjun Singh is looking for votes? They did not choose to be OBCs, we gave them that classification.

I agree that it is unfair and that some SC/ST/OBCs use these reservations even if they are from higher classes who can afford their education and have the same opportunities as us, if not more. But seriously, if suppose, we were offered a reservation, which made it easier to get into the best institutes in the country, would we not use that reservation? Would we not campaign FOR that reservation and support the government?

My point is…. Protest against the government, not the OBCs.


Silver Mist said...

Hey! Nice post and a very good thought!! True indeed.

Don't worry about not knowing me...We haven't ever met...I'm Ishani, a friend of Jayant's and Amiya's..Study in their class. :)

Hammy said...

Is it actually because they’re concerned about the quality of students passing out of India’s premiere institutes? Because they don’t believe in reservations? Because they think it’s highly unfair?Not Really

Disagreement..Disagreement Disagreement!

This quota thing wont effect me, coz I well dont plan to do an MBA. Me chasing the GRE dream. Well still I am concerned about the people who come to my college. I am concerned about the "type" of people who would leave my college. By "type" I dont refer to any caste. The entire idea behind the Anti-Reservation Protest is the way these Reservations ahve been made!On the basis of caste. Which is not correct. If a reservation system has to be present then it should be based on Economic Distinctions and not Caste. I am all in favour for Reservation for those who cannot afford to study! I dont know if you know this but Its the misuse of such OBC/SC/ST certificates that people are concerned about. Real idiots end up in prestigious colleges cause of this. And as far as the point about a diminishing future for the General Class..Well HELL YEAH who would'nt fight for his right!

Lets take an example:
X gave you very yummy chocolate cake! Which you absolutely love. You worked really hard to get it. But then X says you only get half the cake for the same amount of work. He says that the other half goes to the person who doesnt have "the ability" to put in the same amount work as you. X here simply shows how considerate he is towards the other person's inability to work. While he subtly demands favours in return for the cake he gave!
Now wont you protest! You worked so hard for the cake, hoping you'l get the entire thing, but what you get is just half of what you deserved.

While (as rightly pointed by you) the other person will quitely take his share of cake and relish it!

Your point about SMSs attacking the OBC is totally correct! Some lame b******* will go to any extents to show that they are against reservation. And sadly vent all their anger on the OBCs.
Its sad that they dont realise the real culprit behind this! The netas, Not Arjun Singh and the Congress alone, but all the assholes sitting in the parliament. Coz no one has come forward to support the cause of the students!

You see the BJP is quitely enjoying the whole thing. The students vent all their anger on the Congress. Which ensures that BJP gets the votes in the next elections to furthur implement the quota system ---> to get more votes...And well the cycle continues!

To end I'l present you with a funny (or ironic, whateve you call it)situation,

350 catholic groups forced the Govt into thinking on the release of the "Da Vinci Code".In sharp contrast the government refused to listen to the protests of the massive Student Body (read More that 50,000 students!) which openly Campaigned against the Reservation!
Someone needs to remind the government about its priorities right?


p.s.Very thoughful post though. The cricket reservation thing..Well its not directly aimed at the OBC but rather mocks and taunts the Govt more! About how lame and stupid rules you can expect from (some) fucked up Indian Politicians!

Hammy said...

oye btw ...

I have a blog filled with useless posts :D

shreya said...

i agree hammy.but then thats you... majority of the kids protesting are actually worried bout themselves... though, i agree with them too... after all, im gonna b doing mba too...

Amiya said...

Good post. The same thing's been in my mind for the past few days: this protest against reservations is moving from Arjun Singh-bashing to OBC-bashing. Let's not dispute the fact that the govt needs to do something to help people who, for various reasons, have been discriminated against by societal prejudices, but (in my opinion) reservations is NOT the way to achieve that. So if the govt sees a votebank in OBCs and is hellbent on exploiting it, blame the govt for it.

Can't put it better than your last sentence.

Anonymous said...

Well said. But I believe that it's not only the govt. or even Arjun Singh, who we are fighting, it's the entire political faternity and more importantly the basic principle that this country seems to work upon- get enough people of ur own caste, state, religion, etc in power or any sort of privilidged position and in turn, they'll help u get there. The upper castes did it for centuries, now it's turn of the lower castes. Everything seems to work on this principle, consider the case of Punjabis settled abroad, help one member from ur family, village, etc to abroad and he in turn is obigated to do so for the rest.