Sunday, May 22, 2005

The Weird Trio at Work

I guess it’s about time I continued with my account about the weird trio. So what did we really do? Not much really. Just stuff that any normal human being would be way too embarrassed to do in public. For example, we would sing in the worst way possible (once we were actually asked by a junior kid if we were anti-choir), or dance, or advertise Mr. Magician’s strip shows. Some of my worst memories would be sponge fights and spit fights between Mr. Magician and Miss. Reddy with me sitting between them. No points for guessing who brought home a shirt stuffed with sponge or who got the wettest with, yuck, spit. I guess the best part about us was that we didn’t really care what people thought about us as long as we liked each other. That was all that mattered.
Now that I come to think of it, I can’t really count a lot of separate incidents about what we did. It’s just that each and everyday in the bus was absolutely loads of fun, and if you spend two hours a day laughing, then it pretty much makes you day.
The three of us loved making fun of each other too. What with Ms. Reddy being a poor baby and having a boo boo, or Mr. Magician turning into a total majnoo. (Don’t read on expecting to find stuff I was teased about, I’m not stupid enough to actually write that!) But we were there for each other when times were bad too. Seeing that I’m getting into a slightly senti mood, I would like to take this rare opportunity to thank these two friends for being there when I was feeling low and always trying their best to make me feel better, even if their attempts made me feel worse.
But of course, all good things have to come to an end. No, I’m not talking about my unusual senti mood, I meant the weird trio. Mr. Magician, by virtue of being the oldest among us, was the first to pass out, and leave the trio. As a parting message to him, I would like to say, best of luck with Lalita…..
Still to come:
The weird Duo
The Weirdo


Nishita said...

oy reveal the names.. ive neevr heard abt them!! send a mail wt their names pleaseeeeeeee

Anonymous said...
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shreya said...

Thankyou for keeping that particular name to yourself......i wouldve come n beaten u up otherwise.....
hmmmm...i'll think bout tellin u the names nishita, but it wouldnt make tht much of a difference, ones a senior n ones a junior.

Anonymous said...
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Amiya said...

You have a very engaging style of writing. I really like it.